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Canada, Dominion Voting Systems and Soros Connections

In my last article, I investigated deep state Globalist ties to the Canadian company Dominion Voting Systems. This system was widely used in the 2020 US Presidential Election, and is now the focus of fraud investigations.

In this video, Rudy Guiliani, provides an explanation of who owns Dominion Voting Systems in Canada. As it is a private corporation, by design, it is incredibly difficult to discover the owners, due to privacy law. This explains alot...

It's important to examine Canada's possible role in the fraud being uncovered in the US, but equally as important to examine Canada's past elections given the role of Dominion Voting Systems. Is it any surprise Venezuelan and Cuban money are the main funders behind Dominion Voting Systems?

Elections Canada, is an Independent Federal Agency in Canada. Elections Canada claims to be "Headed by the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada, Elections Canada is an independent, non-partisan agency of Parliament. Its primary task is to be prepared at all times to administer an electoral event." The Chief Electoral Officer is supposed to be bipartisan. This couldn't be further from the truth.

In Canada, Federal elections solely use hand-counted paper ballots. Some Provincial elections use paper ballots, while other provinces have introduced computer ballot counting (vote tabulators). The Northwest Territories experimented with Internet voting for absentee voting. Dominion Voting Systems have been used in these municipalities and Provinces-with significant technical issue's.

Dominion Voting Systems is Canada’s largest election system provider, with deployments nationwide. Dominion provides optical scan paper ballot tabulation systems for provincial elections, including Ontario and New Brunswick. Dominion also provides ballot tabulation and voting systems for Canada's major party leadership elections, including the Liberal Party of Canada, the Conservative Party of Canada, and the PC Party of Ontario.

In 2014, there was a "software glitch" that marred the election in the Province of New Brunswick. Company VP James Hoover said the computer program in question malfunctioned. “Right now, we haven't looked into why it didn't show up in any of the early testing. Our focus is just to get the results done now,” Hoover said. Elections New Brunswick officially suspended the results reporting count with 17 ridings still undeclared. Sound familiar?

Elections New Brunswick insisted the election results were accurate. The company, Dominion Voting System, which counts former chief electoral officer Jean-Pierre Kingsley as chair of its advisory board, was employed to bring New Brunswick’s election agency into the 21st century through the use of vote-tabulation machines. Instead, the firm ended up taking blame for one of the most disputed Canadian elections in recent memory. The results should come as no surprise.

In 2017, another computer glitch caused significant confusion amongst voters. The search button to confirm when and where to vote wasn't working. Elections Nova Scotia called it an issue with a government server. IT crews worked to get it back online just after noon. "You would normally type in your civic address and a drop box would activate a map and show you where you would vote,” says Andy LeBlanc of Elections Nova Scotia. “It was not working like it was yesterday.” Again, Liberals won the election.

In 2018, more problems were reported at Ontario voting stations with the new machines being used to check voters lists, and tabulate votes on election day. There were reports of electronic vote tabulators not working, errors in electronic databases, internet connectivity outages, a fake training ballot being handed to a voter, and staff who were not well versed in the new machines giving long explanations on how to use ballots. This caused many voters to walk away in frustration, not casting their vote. An Elections Ontario spokesperson said 99.57 per cent of all technology-enabled polls were up and running across the province. In the end, 7 ridings extended voting hours.

There was even a "glitch" during the Conservative Party election when electing a new leader of the Conservative party August of 2020. Erin O'Toole won by a very small margin, after delay due to Voting Machine difficulties. Due to COVID-19 there was a significant amount of Mail-in Ballots that were identified as the reason for the "glitch."

CTV News reported, "After the Conservative leadership campaign results were significantly delayed this weekend due to thousands of ballots being damaged upon opening, the party is offering new details about what caused the more-than-six-hour hold-up in tabulating the mail-in-only results. In short, it was a combination of factors: smaller envelopes than the party has used in the past, the record number of mail-in ballots, and the inability to add extra hands to speed things up due to COVID-19 restrictions. The big reveal was supposed to start at 6 p.m. ET on Sunday, but just before the event was set to begin a 90-minute delay was announced. Ultimately it was 12:20 a.m. Monday before the announcement of the results got underway." Globalist Erin O'Toole won 51% of the vote.

Now, let's consider our Federal Elections. All use paper ballots. This doesn't mean election fraud can't happen. In fact, I would argue it's easier to cheat in an election using paper and mail-in ballots. Using computerized equipment can be hacked, and tracked. It's much more difficult to prove wide scale voter fraud when it comes to paper and mail-in ballots.

In Canada, to vote, you must show proof of your identity and where you live. You can show 1 document that has your name, address and signature, or 1 document that has your name and signature plus one document that has your name and address. If you cannot show acceptable proof, you can sign a statutory declaration to get a ballot.

Elections Canada is always pushing the narrative to make voting "easier for all Canadians" while not wanting to disenfranchise others. While this is heartwarming, it also opens the door to fraud. Voters not able to vote on Election Day can vote at the advance polls, mail-in special ballots, or in special cases electors with a disability may vote at home. There's even Mobile polls that serve voters living in certain institutions, such as nursing homes for people who are elderly or who have a disability. While it's valiant making services more accessible to those with disabilities, it also leaves the door wide open for abuse.

Following the 2019 Federal Election, which saw the re-election of Justin Trudeau, many (Including myself!) questioned the validity of his re-election. How did the most corrupt PM in Canadian history get re-elected?

Canada has experienced aggressive immigration policies, especially since Justin Trudeau has been elected. Annual immigration in Canada amounts to approximately 300,000 new immigrants yearly. Canada has one of the highest rates per population of any country in the world. In 2019, of the 30 Canadian ridings whose populations are more than 50 per cent immigrants, all but four voted Liberal. Migrants seem to be relocated mostly into Liberal ridings.

How do we, as Canadians know whether migrants are voting illegally in our federal election? We don't, and it's quite clear Elections Canada isn't concerned about this matter either. They prefer to operate on an "honor system," as they do not want to "disenfranchise" eligible voters. Having appropriate voter ID proving citizenship should be a requirement in Canada. The main opposition to having Voter ID in the US as well as Canada, seem to be voter suppression, or disenfranchising groups of people. This argument is absurd. It makes the assumption people in poverty, or certain racial groups are not capable of applying for proper identification. This is an inherently false assumption.

There was great concern voiced during the 2019 election about non-citizen voting. Of course, Elections Canada expressed there was less then .02% discovered, although as of October 22, 2020 they're still investigating the matter. Bill C-76 gave Elections Canada the power for the first time to cross-reference its voters list with data from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Prior to the 2019 federal election, the agency identified 85,000 names on the federal voter registry whom it determined were not Canadian citizens. The agency, through its work, later removed 74,000 of those names from the list. Elections Canada insists the number discovered from 2019 couldn't have affected election results in any way. In fact, there were non-citizen's who came forward that received a voter card in the mail despite not being a Canadian Citizen.

Canada has been a deep state proxy and testing ground for many years. George Soros and the United Nations is the vehicle driving the Canadian bus. The United Nations, and Soros' billions have transformed Canada into the Socialist Divisive Society it's become today-with relative ease. Canada is a perfect model for all other nations around the world to transition to the Globalist New World Order.

In the fall of 2019, Wilfred Laurier University published a Muslim Voting Guide which assessed which candidates in the upcoming election would receive a pass/fail when it comes to the interest of Muslim Canadians. In almost every instance, Jagmeet Singh, the most communist candidate received a pass, Trudeau received the next highest amount of passes, whereas Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and PPC Candidate Maxime Bernier received FAILS across the board. This Left-Wing agenda driven publication is very telling. h/t @CarrieP04448074

The infiltration of Soro's operatives in Canada started many decades ago. Mass migration began by design in many countries, including those in Europe. This was by design to create chaos, division, to make it easier to enforce the Globalist Agenda. Many illegal migrants also make it easier for various types of governmental fraud-like election rigging. As stated in my previous article, George Soros along with Lord Malloch-Brown, have been sowing the Globalist seeds for decades.

Understand, UK Based Smartmatic is the company that provides the Software for Dominion Voting Systems machines. Smartmatic’s chairman is Mark Malloch Brown, former vice-chairman of George Soros’ Investment Funds, who remains deeply involved in international affairs. The company’s globalist ties have caused members of the media and government officials to raise questions about its involvement in the U.S. electoral process.

It was reported that the US Military seized servers in Frankfurt, Germany where data was being stored on servers owned by Scytl, a Spanish company. Smartmatic also has a location in Spain.

Dominion Voting Machines have been involved in many election scandals world wide. Jean-Pierre Kingsley of Dominion Voting Systems was Canada's Chief Electoral Officer of Canada from 1990 – 2007. He has quite a history. He was also the President and CEO of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems in Washington DC. He served as head of the international team observing the Iraqi election in January of 2005, as well as the head of another team accompanying the Haitian Presidential Elections in 2006. He was also Head of Mission for the Organization of Security for Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) to evaluate elections in Portugal, and the elections in the United Kingdom in May 2010. He brought Canada's Electoral system to the computerized age. I believe he will be a key player in this scandal.

When Jean-Pierre Kingsley finished his term as Chief Electoral Officer of Elections Canada, he went on to work directly for Dominion Voting Systems.

Jean-Pierre Kingsley is also connected to the Clinton Global Initiative through the Delian Project. Why would the United Nations, and NGO's like the Clinton Global Initiative be inserting themselves in Electoral Processes around the globe?

Marc Mayrand, served 2007 – 2016 The outgoing chief of Elections Canada, Marc Mayrand, is one such person. In 2011, he called on Parliament to revamp the current election laws, which include lifting the blackout of television and radio election coverage in areas where polls are still open, due to the expansion of the use of social media, citing that "its very intelligibility and usefulness in a world where the distinction between private communication and public transmission is quickly eroding."

In 2014, Pierre Poilievre made some accusations against Marc Mayrand while negotiating the Fair Elections Act:

Jean Pierre Kingsley, now employed with Dominion Voting Systems, was quite outspoken about the new election bill, and begged not to take away the option of "vouching" for an individuals identity to allow them to vote if they were unable to produce valid ID. It would of course put voting rights at risk.

Kingsley was also involved and on a commission during Venezuela's elections...I don't believe this is the last we'll hear about Kingsley.

Gerald Butts, who always seems to insert his smug opinion into everything on twitter, had this to say to JP Kingsley at the time, when Electoral Reform was on the table. Friends? JP Kingsley gave himself a grade of an A- on his way out of Elections Canada.

Mayrand, Kingsely's successor recommended Canada “lighten the process” for his successor to implement new pilot projects, such as initiatives around online voting. It was argued the system was designed to ensure there were checks and balances in a public process, which is why scrutineers are on hand at polling stations. When Mayrand resigned, PM Trudeau had a very difficult time finding a successor. Or did he? It wasn't until 2018 Trudeau selected a new Chief Electoral Officer. He wanted a partisan successor to fill the role. It would seem that may be what he found.

Stephane Perrault served as acting Chief Elections Officer until he was given the role permanently in 2018. He lead a social media campaign to get youth out to vote. It turned into a disaster, as it was supposed to be non-partisan. Instead he hired 13 social media “influencers” to encourage young people to cast a ballot in October’s 2019 election. All those "influencers" posted shots of Justin Trudeau, or said how happy they were to have him as prime minister. So much for impartiality.

While searching through the Elections Canada Website, and looking at the contracts they've had through the years, I came across a very suspect contract with SNC Lavalin. Why would Elections Canada be making multiple payments to SNC Lavalin?

The corporation is listed as SNC Lavalin Profac Inc.

When trying to access the website listed on the business profile, it shows this:

While accessing the website listed on the wayback machine, the website does speak about real estate:

It may be a legitimate expense...or it could be a "shell company" as there was well over $100,000 sent to this branch of SNC Lavalin in the 2007 quarter alone. Perhaps the SNC illegal Lobbying of Government Entities, including the Privy Council went on for a very long period of time, and is much deeper than Canadians realize.

It wasn't until the Trudeau scandal with SNC Lavalin, over election violations, Conservatives’ deputy leader, Lisa Raitt, questioned whether the prime minister’s office had any contact with Elections Canada in 2016, when SNC-Lavalin signed a compliance agreement with the Commissioner of Canada Elections, Yves Côté, thereby saving them from a criminal prosecution over elections violations. This was a MAJOR conflict of interest for Elections Canada to have been involved in this investigation considering they had been doing business with SNC Lavalin since the early 2000's. Is there another reason SNC Lavalin was given a slap on the hand?

Tides Canada which is a George Soros connected foundation, is located in the same building as Dominion Voting Systems. Tell me how Soros does NOT own Dominion Voting Systems?

Tides Canada- 360-215 Spadina Ave Toronto, ON

Dominion Voting Systems 200-215 Spadina Ave Toronto, ON

I find it very ironic when searching this address on Google Maps that it's located directly in Toronto's Chinatown. Both businesses are located in the Robertson Building, a renovated "Green Building."

The Tides Foundation deserves a whole dig just on it's own. It funds projects in accordance with the United Nations, and was partnered with the World Wildlife Fund Canada, where Trudeau's right hand man Gerald Butts worked. And, wouldn't you know it, the World Wildlife Fund is located just down the street from Tides Canada and Dominion Voting Systems at 410 Adelaide Street West.

Gerald Butts is the former president and CEO of World Wildlife Fund Canada, an important “Tides” campaign partner. Butts had Soros money flowing through the WWF like a waterfall. Butts brought in Mario Reynolds, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna’s chief of staff, (past executive director of the Pembina Institute), who received substantial “Tides” funding as well. Natural Resources Minister Amargeet Sohi’s chief of staff is also a former World Wildlife Fund Canada official. Last, but not least is Sarah Goodman, policy advisor to the prime minister and former VP of the Tides Canada Foundation.

In 2012 Butts was given a US$361,642 severance package from WWF to support him through his "volunteer position" on Trudeau's campaign team. He's proven himself an effective globalist mouthpiece, furthering Soros’ agenda on international stages, and in closed-door meetings of the World Economic Forum and Bilderberg Group. Gerald Butts has been central to advancing the Soros agenda in our country. Canadians have come to know Butts as the "brains" behind Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Butts is a Soros Puppet, bought and paid for.

Since leaving Trudeau's inner circle, Gerald Butts has become Vice Chairman of the Eurasia Group alongside Lord Malloch-Brown who is George Soros #2 man. Perhaps Butts thinks he may become #3?

The other Lord Malloch-Brown connection to Canada is his work with the International Crisis Group. Frank Guistra, serves on the board along with Alexander Soros. Since December 2018, 2 Canadians have been held and arrested in China. Michael Kovrig was a North East Asia Advisor for International Crisis Group. PM Justin Trudeau has left him stranded in a Chinese jail for two years after unsuccessfully trying to negotiate his release. Beijing states he has endangered Chinese Security. The arrest is unjust, and as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has stated the arrest is unjust, arbitrary and unacceptable. The other Canadian being held is Michael Peter Todd Spavor, Director of Paektu Cultural Exchange an organization that promotes investment and tourism in North Korea. What were these two doing in China when arrested?

The arrests came amid fallout from U.S. efforts to extradite a top Huawei Technologies Co. executive, Meng Wanzhou, who was arrested at Vancouver International Airport.

Given Trudeau's connections to China and Joe Biden, this whole election rigging scandal is about to come full circle.

And who could forget Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland's special relationship with George Soros? She has a long standing relationship with George Soros, with a history of Nazism. If a picture could speak a thousand words....

Since the Media shamelessly declared Joe Biden the "winner" of the US Election, PM Justin Trudeau has been gushing. A tweet can also speak a thousand words....

According to Sidney Powell, who's currently investigating the fraud in the US Election, she is about to "release the Kraken." I'm sure many other ties to Canada have yet to be found!

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