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Two Scientists Fired from Top Canadian Lab after Shipping Viruses to Wuhan.

July 5, 2019, two Canadian Virology Scientists employed with Winnipeg, Manitoba's only level 4 Virology lab in Canada was escorted out of the lab along with all of her students. Xiangguo Qui, and her husband Keding Cheng and a number of Qui's students were stripped of their security access from the National Microbiology Lab.

The NML is Canada’s only Containment Level 4 lab, which is supposed to have the highest level of security and safety facilities for the storage and the research of the most deadly human and animal pathogens, such as Ebola, SARS and the Corona Virus.

According to the Epoch Times, “The two scientists are no longer employed by the Public Health Agency of Canada as of Jan. 20, 2021,” Eric Morrissette, chief of media relations for Health Canada and Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), told CBC News in an email on Feb. 5.

The two Chinese Canadian virology scientists have been fired by the Public Health Agency of Canada, after being evicted from the National Microbiology Laboratory under a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) investigation, that remains largely a mystery.

Canuck News reported on the passing of Dr. Frank Plummer, on February 4, 2020 under quite strange circumstances. Dr. Plummer, a World Renowned Scientist worked at Canada's National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg, MB had passed away while attending a conference in Kenya. He reportedly passed from a heart attack.

Dr. Plummer worked with Dr. Fauci, in researching CRISPR, gene editing technology. This is incredibly interesting, as when the Corona Virus first hit outside of Wuhan, it was reported the Coronavirus was far more likely to bond to human cells, due to an HIV-like mutation.

All Canadians should be concerned about the security measures at this particular Virology Lab. There seems to be a real security issue happening. For instance, the lab didn’t tell the police when 22 vials were stolen from the Winnipeg Lab back in 2009 when the US caught a smuggler attempting to cross the US border with the vials.

Dr. Plummer worked with Dr. Fauci, in researching CRISPR, gene editing technology. This is incredibly interesting, as when the Corona Virus first hit outside of Wuhan, it was reported the Coronavirus was far more likely to bond to human cells, due to an HIV-like mutation.

To make things even stranger, between Feb 15, 2019, and March 5, 2019, a Winnipeg woman was sentenced for purchasing a chemical weapon from the dark web. She contacted an undercover FBI employee on the “Dark Web.” She then proceeded to cross the border into North Dakota to pick up the package from a PO Box. She told the Agent at the US Border she was “shopping for the day.”

According to plainclothes officers inside the business, Liu used a fake name, Julie Chen when identifying herself. The affidavit said she picked up six packages for Julie Chen and one for a “friend” Sijie Liu. The special agent said Liu was arrested upon her exit with a small flatbed loaded with the packages and transported to Homeland Security. Liu works for Boeing, as an Industrial Engineer and Project Manager. She received her Masters Degree of Science from the University of Manitoba in 2008.

When arrested, Sijie Lui gave a false name when questioned by FBI agents, stating her name was Julie Chen. Julie Chen happens to be an Omics Data Scientist with the Level 4 National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg. Is this Sijie Liu’s sister, or relative?

Sijie Liu was arrested in March 2019. Chinese Scientist Dr. Xiangguo Qiu was walked out of the Winnipeg National Microbiology Lab in July 2019. Is this how the RCMP investigation was triggered? What were these chemical weapons going to be used for? Who was going to use them, and for what? It would appear the lab in Winnipeg may be a hotspot for Chinese Espionage. What did Dr. Plummer know?

According to the Epoch Times, in June 2020, documents that CBC had obtained through an Access to Information request four months before she and her husband were evicted from the NML, revealed that Qiu was responsible for a shipment of Ebola and Henipah viruses to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2019.

The shipment had raised public speculations of the couple involved in espionage activities, which Morrissette had described as “misinformation” that lacked “factual basis.” The PHAC had also denied connections of the shipment and Qiu’s eviction from the Winnipeg-based lab.

Qiu co-authored an Ebola study, which was first published in December 2018, three months after she began exporting the viruses to China.

The study received grants from a number of Chinese government bodies, including the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

The lead author, Hualei Wang, is affiliated with the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, a Chinese military medical institute based in Beijing.

Qiu was the head of the Vaccine Development and Antiviral Therapies Section in the Special Pathogens Program at the NML lab. She is known for the development of ZMapp, a drug used for the treatment of the Ebola virus that had caused the death of over 11,000 people in West Africa between 2014 and 2016.

Qiu came to Canada for graduate studies in 1996, but she remains affiliated with the universities in Tianjin, China, where she had worked as a medical doctor and virologist.

Qiu had made at least five trips to China between 2017 and 2018, including one time to train Chinese scientists and technicians at a newly certified Level 4 lab, the CBC reported in October 2019.

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